Future of France Threatened by Visionary Africans: Protecting Dr. Arikana’s Vision

It is a new day for Africa and its people. The mental chains of “white supremacy”* have been unlocked and the veil of malicious illusion is being lifted by the exceptional Africans capable of seeing through the deceit. One such exceptional African woman is Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former African Union ambassador to the Divided States and current Pan African Warrior Queen.

Dr. Arikana has been making waves in the headlines all 2019 for her visionary plans

and unfiltered truths about neocolonialism in Africa. At her many speaking events she name drops the European countries holding back our beloved continent and challenges those countries to do the right thing. Although her role at the African Union has ended, Dr. Arikana’s efforts have been recognized by the president of France when he threatened west African leaders to stop anti-French rhetoric during the NATO summit. The empty threat of pulling french military from West African countries is typical of an abusive spouse scared to lose financial support if their victim leaves and never looks back…Once again the abusive relationship has been spotlighted and there is now international attention on France and the 14 African countries still financially tied to their former colonizer. The European Union has even denounced France for the colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury every year, but no actions have been taken. This system is such a well known fact that in March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said: “Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third world power.”

The fury of France is not to be taken lightly. Dr. Arikana mentioned that “of the 67 coups in 26 African countries, 16 were former french colonies”. Meaning 61% of the coups were backed by France. When asked if France was trying to silence Dr. Arikana, she replied, “Maybe I lasted longer than I probably would have based on my views of France.. It’s not even my views, it’s just stating the facts of what France is doing to Africa.”

Pan African Alliance family, Dr. Arikana laid out the well documented facts of the European legacy of human rights violations in Africa in a nearly 30 minute Roland Martin Unfiltered Interview. Linked below is a BRIEF timeline of the atrocities bestowed upon our African continent.


One last reflection on the wisdom handed to us from the mind of Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao


Diasporans have a mental void of sorrow, not knowing where we come from. It makes us an easy target for identity theft, and then we reprogram our minds with a colonial consciousness. Colonial consciousness is only going to exist for the survival and empowerment of the colonizer, no one else. As Africans living in diaspora, it is our birth right and responsibility to “reconnect with our anchor, Africa”. We must fill in the void with our history and our people. ASE







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